About Us


Shenzhen Volcanee Technology Co., LTD (here referred to as Volcanee) is a supplier of high-quality, good-performance quartz products for water pipe glass bongs. Located in Lianyungang, Jiangsu, which is China's largest silicon industry base, Volcanee's facotry has abundant raw material resources, purity is 99.99+%-99.9999%(SiO2). Our sales departments are in Shenzhen and Wuhan.

At Volcanee, we are experts at implementing customer's design and fabricating products of every shape and size. Fused quartz and silica have an extremely low of thermal expansion which imparts high resistance to thermal shock. When quartz is heated in a glass-blowing lathe with a hydrogen-oxygen flame until it is plasticized, it can be formed into any shape.

One of the best things in Volcanee is to produce as per customer’s requests and even help customer to perfect their design. Therefore we can do technical analysis and small volume to large scale production runs. In the meantime, Volcanee has strong, professional engineering team and pre-sales as well as after-sales team, ready to offer technical support, able to efficiently and quickly provide the best quality service to customers.