A Quartz Banger Temp Guidebook

A Quartz Banger Temp Guidebook


Achieving the correct temperature for your nail is one of the trickiest parts of Dabbing. Overheat and your concentrate burns, too cold and you fail to achieve vaporization. You and your customers may have just got yourself or themselves a new quartz banger and haven’t yet mastered the heating technique. So, here are some tips to get you and them going for the perfect dab and how to heat your quartz banger.


1. Heating

The first step is to flash up your touch and use it to get an even heat around the sides on the base of your quartz banger, and also, if you are using a terp slurper or anything like that, we would recommend you to focus the majority of heat on not only the base but also the column part as well.

Keep the torch moving in a smooth flowing motion so as not to overheat or underheat any specific areas. Continue heating the banger in this way for about 30-60 seconds or until it starts to glow.

2. Resting

Once you have achieved a glow, remove the heat from the banger and extinguish the torch. Now comes the waiting. Your preferred dabbing temperature will decide the time you wait, but generally speaking, the waiting time is anything from 15-60 seconds. Don’t worry if you gonna lose too much heat in this time, as our real Quartz is excellent at retaining heat.

3. Timing

  1. As a rough guide, for a high-temperature dab (500-600F) you should wait only 15 seconds. At these high temperatures, you will achieve large plumes of smoke and a rapid, potent high. Dabbing at this temperature can be harsh on the lungs and can taste of burning, however.
  2. For a more flavorsome dab and one that will not rip your lungs out, you should try a temperature between 350-450F. These temperatures are also easier on your nail allowing you to use it for longer. The waiting time for your quartz banger to cool to this temperature is around 30-60 seconds.

Notice: Without using a technical thermometer, we can only give a roughly time range to meet the desired temperature, and it also varies under different circumstance, like local temperature, altitude and etc. factors that will affect the result.

Key Temp points:

Concentrates can melt @ 350°F

Most terpenes and cannabinoids boiling points <400°F

  1. Low-temp dabs generally in the 400-450°F range
    (For example: the Puffco Peak’s lowest setting is 450°F)
  2. Mid-range dabs generally in the 500-545°F range
  3. Hot dabs are 570-600°F or higher
  4. (RECOMMENDED) Standard dabbing range: 545-570°F (545-570°F is a good overall range for most dabs, especially live resin, sugar resin, shatter, crumble, and rosin. Dabbing these types of concentrates in this range will completely vaporize the dab, capturing its flavor, potency, and essence without scorching or combusting any of the heat-sensitive terpenes.)

  1. Vapourizer_Temperature_Chart_2018_Eng.pdf

   2. Best dabbing temperatures


That being said, it really comes down to personal preference, as some dabbers like low temperatures for certain isolated compounds since the single compound will have a more specific vaporization point.

While other would prefer taking a much hotter dabs if they want stronger effects.


  1. Vapourizer_Temperature_Chart_2018_Eng.pdf(https://vrapp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Vapourizer_Temperature_Chart_2018_Eng.pdf**)**
  2. Best dabbing temperatures(https://www.leafly.com/learn/consume/dabs/best-dabbing-temperatures#:~:text=Concentrates can melt at as,400-450°F range.)


Alternatively, you can use a Digital Thermometer to tell if you are getting a desired temp, which would help you if you need a precise temp to dab.

  • Dab Rite
    The Dab Rite™ has a key feature that utilizes a flexible temperature reading arm allowing for more accurate readings across a variety of heights and angles. Because of the arm, if you are getting a banger very high from the surface or sits at an awkward angle it's a necessary trade off. Also, It has sound notification with the addition of a light notification when you reach the desired temperature.

  • Terp Timer
    Terp Timer by Octave features an incredibly badass laser sight so that you are absolutely sure you’re taking the temperature of the ideal part of your banger. Customize your Terp Timer experience by setting your desired temperature into the unit and it will sound a reminder when the time and the temp are ideal.

  • Terpometer This handheld, USB-charged & wireless device features a forked scoop dab tool on one end and a highly accurate temperature gauge on the other. With three simple clicks of the power button, the Terpometer lights up, ready to help you get lit up with the maximum level of flavor and effects from your dabs by giving you a precise readout of the temperature of your dabbing surface. If that’s not simple enough, the LED screen flashes to a backlit green color when your nail drops in temp down into the ideal range for true vaporization.
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